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Mary + Aidan
Farmhouse Weddings in New York

August 5, 2023

About Us + Wedding Weekend + Gift Registry

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Our Story

Despite having both attended Hillsdale College—a small school with about 1,500 students—Mary and Aidan never actually met each other on campus. Of course, there must have been several times where they passed each other on the quad, brushed by each other in the dining hall, or even attended the same party never realizing they were walking by the love of their life. By the Grace of God, Mary and Aidan finally met at a mutual friends’ wedding a few months after Aidan graduated and Mary was beginning her senior year.

On the night of their friends’ wedding, Mary and Aidan sat at different tables and danced with different friends. It was not until the after party when they officially met and immediately connected. The two found themselves under a full moon at the end of a dock, talking about anything and everything from midnight to seven o’clock in the morning the next day. Aidan often attributes winning over Mary that night with his comedic talent alone—"Luckily, my jokes were particularly on fire that night.” Little did they know that conversation by the lake would change the entire course of their lives.

Aidan went to visit Mary in Hillsdale two weeks later where he officially asked Mary to be his girlfriend. They dated long-distance for a long eight months, until they both ended up in the DMV—Mary on Capitol Hill and Aidan in Arlington, VA.

Dating lasted another few months before Aidan decided he had delayed the inevitable for long enough.

He traveled up to New York to ask Mr. Greco if he could marry his daughter. Gratefully encouraged by Mr. Greco’s response, he traveled back down to Washington for a night out with Mary and a couple close friends. The night began at Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown—where JFK proposed to Jackie. After dinner, the group went to The Kennedy Center to see Handel’s Messiah. And after the performance, Aidan asked Mary to go for a walk around Capitol Hill. They walked and talked for some time before arriving in front of their parish, St. Joseph’s on Capitol Hill. Aidan got down on one knee and asked Mary if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Mary said yes!

And that’s why you’re here! Mary and Aidan are incredibly grateful for your love, prayers, and support,
and cannot wait to celebrate the beautiful sacrament of matrimony with you! The wedding reception will take place at the Greco Family Farm, also known as “The Beardslee Homestead,” a historic farm in upstate New York dating to the late 1700’s. Ours will be a destination wedding with plenty to do and explore over the weekend. Please enjoy perusing the rest of this website with extensive information on the wedding, farm, and surrounding area!


Below you will find the Wedding Weekend Schedule and Mary and Aidan’s Wedding Registry!

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DECEMBER 16, 2022

The Perfect Farm Wedding

Friday August 4, 2023 
2:00 pm
Champagne, Campari, and Strawberries at The Pergola on the River
The Beardslee Homestead
New Berlin, NY

4:00 pm
Rehearsal at St. Malachy's Church for the Bridal Party
Sherburne, NY

5:00 pm
Rehearsal Dinner
For the Bridal Party, by Separate Invitation
Hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler
The Library Speakeasy at The Colgate Inn
Hamilton, NY

Saturday August 5, 2023
1:00 pm
Nuptial Mass, The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
St. Malachy's Church, Sherburne, NY

3:00 pm
Arrival at The Homestead, Welcome Drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres
Lawn Games, Hop House Tour, Walking the Property, and Enjoying the Unadilla River
The Beardslee Homestead

4:00 pm
Cocktail Hour and Music at The 1865 Hop House 
The Beardslee Homestead

6:00 pm
Dinner Reception and Dancing at The Horse Barn
The Beardslee Homestead

11:00 pm
The After Party at The Pizzeria
And Star Gazing at The Observatory 
The Beardslee Homestead

Sunday, August 6, 2023 (optional)
10:00 am
Sunday Brunch at The 1785 Tavern
The Beardslee Homestead

12:00 pm (no end time!)
Lawn Games, Bocce, Horseshoes, Badminton, Swimming in the Pool, Kayaking,
Enjoyment of the Unadilla River, and more
The Beardslee Homestead


For St. Malachy's Church, parking is available in the lot across from the Church and on the street.

For the Reception at The Beardslee Homestead, parking for about 100 cars will be available on the property.  More than 100 additional parking spaces will be available at the Preferred Mutual Insurance Company at 1 Preferred Way, New Berlin, NY 13411, less than a one minute drive or a ten minute walk from the Homestead.  


c/o Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greco, Jr.

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