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The Beardslee House, also known as Villa Greco, is a historic home on the National Register of Historic Places.  The house dates from the 1780s when Mr. Jabez Beardslee purchases a tavern and farm on the Unadilla River from Matthew Bennett, one of the pioneers of Otsego County. Jabez Beardslee moved the tavern about a half mile to its current location, and the rest of the home was built in three different periods, first in 1797 and then again in 1810.  The home is rich in architectural features, fine art, antique furnishings, and more. The home is occupied by the owners of the Homestead; however occasionally they allow guests to stay.  Please inquire if you wish to spend your vocation in the main home.  The rate is $1,000 per night with access to the entire home of eight bedrooms, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, attic chapel, basement Scotch bar, cigar bar, wine cellar, and tasting room, and of course, the entire property.

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