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Rolling hills, wind-swept pines, miles of gorgeous riverfront, pastel sunsets, Monet-like ponds and pastures. An old apple orchard juxtaposed to a new vineyard, architectural masterpieces of the 1700 and 1800s, artisan blacksmith and woodworking shops, o wood-fired brick oven and fire pits overlooking meadows. Hours turn into days of tranquil fishing, hiking, and canoeing; and at night an astronomical observatory to peer into the universe like Galileo. A vaulted library with thousands of volumes for discovery, antique maps, Civil War artifacts, and a museum of old farm tools and agricultural equipment. Art, culture, and good food. Memories with friends and family of a refined farmhouse stay, picking apples, pears, tomatoes, and grapes; picnicking, making wine, apple cider, and tomato sauce; baking wood-fired pizza and bread, while playing bocce and watching horse-drawn carriages go by.  A country estate in Tuscany or a masseria in Sicily or Puglia?  At The Beardslee HomesteadTM in New Berlin, NY you are only three hours from New York City but you are a world and a century away.  

Dine in our 1785 Tavern, or one of our converted barns, or simply all'aperto at The Beardslee Homestead. Sit in our own craft Distillery & Winery and enjoy farm-to-table meats, cheeses, vegetables, and breads from local farms and artisans while sipping local liqueurs and wines. With an on-site artisan brick oven, enjoy pizza and pretzels, pasta al pesto o pomodoro fresco, freshly pressed apple cider, and wonderful desserts with cappuccino and espresso -- what more could you ask for?  And for breakfast, you can go to the check coup and pick from chicken, duck, and turkey eggs laid only minutes prior.  

The Beardslee HomesteadTM offers a variety of unique and graciously appointed rooms.  Or, you might choose a newly constructed cabin, the astronomical observatory and camp-style dormitory right below (star gaze and then fall right to sleep), the library and museum.  The Main House features a historic Tavern and guest room dated by Cornell University to the 1780s built with trees planted in the 1640s. The Main House and the Hop House are both on the National Register of Historic Places, are furnished with fine antique beds and rocking chairs, even rare Civil War pieces, and are the subjects of many works of oil and watercolor art.

For the fitness-minded, there are so many outdoor activities, including miles of walking trails, but there is also a 24/7 gym and wood-fired Finnish sauna. A pool is also available in the summer months. 

This Beardslee Homestead is the perfect place to host a fairy tale farm and barn wedding or special events such as high school or college reunions, dances and hops, and summer soirees.

Or, enjoy just being together with your family and friends on the property with the beautiful view of the Unadilla River and foothills for pictures that capture your tenderhearted moments. 

Our daughter Mary has hosted wonderful summer soirees at The Beardslee Homestead. To the left are some photos.  She also started a website, Occasions by Mary, to highlight her events.  

The Beardslee Homestead is a stunning setting for a fairy tale picture perfect farm and barn wedding in Upstate New York. For more, please see our tabs on Weddings and Wedding Packages.

Experiences & Memories

But The Beardslee Homestead is about experiences and lifelong memories. It is an agriturismo agriresort that is distinctly American with a hint of Italian authenticity. In the summer and fall you can pick San Marzano tomatoes and basil, make mozzarella from curds, and enjoy an evening of brick oven pizza, wine, and music all while playing bocce in our courts. Or crush, prepare, and jar your own tomato sauce to take home. Pick from century old apple trees, press and make your own blend of apple cider. Collect hops right off the bine and make hops tea. At grape harvest time, learn to make wine and unique spirits from grapes, apples, pears, hops, black raspberries, blackberries, and more.

Fly fish for hours along the tranquil Unadilla river, right where it turns from cold water to warm water, known for walleye, trout, bass, and yellow perch, and in the evening cook the fish with fresh cucuzza. Or don a beekeeping suit and draw fresh honey from the hive. Collect brown, beige, white, and speckled eggs each morning from the henhouse. Pick fresh zucchini flowers right from the plant, and learn the secret of making a delicious frittata. Stroll through the sunflower fields, smell the lavender, pick the ripe raspberries and blackberries that dot the trails in red and blue, sneak through the garden of butterflies, kayak down the river, swim in the pool, bask in the sun, paint by the ponds, camp in tents by fires, or bicycle ride the trails. You can even ride a motor scooter and discover the property. Pack a picnic basket and eat all'aperto in the orchard or vineyard. Experience an evening fire in at the gazebo along the river at sunset. 

And at the end of the day, enjoy the warmth of a wood-fired Finnish sauna, repose in the library while studying 200-year old maps, glimpse into the far reaches of the universe in the astronomical observatory, and listen to the horse and buggies of the Amish returning home from work. Or spend your evening watching nature's most beautiful fireworks display of lightning bugs of all different colors and speeds of flashes.

In the winter, enjoy cross-country skiing on the trails, ice skating on any of the seven ponds ponds, sleigh rides, maple syrup making, and making Christmas tree ornaments in the blacksmith shop. And in the Spring, help us prepare the new season by working in the greenhouse and potting seeds that you can take home and plant in your garden, while learning about landscape planning.  Or discover your hidden creative talents making hand-forge jewelry, wooden Christmas tree ornaments, desserts, gelato, homemade liqueurs, and more. 

There is no limit except the imagination to the memories this very special property can create.  

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"Died and gone to Heaven" just about describes this weekend. Thank you for sharing the magnificent gift of your country estate. Tom, Upper Saddle River, NJ
Your home is incredible, and thank you for sharing all the amazing aspects of farm living. Katherine, Bronxville, NY
Your country farm is just magnificent. I had a lovely time.  
Jen, Port Chester, NY 
I had a lovely time.  Je
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